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Design a Real-time Communication System using 3CX Software-based Private Branch Exchange Phone System on Raspberry Pi Device

Diyar Waysi Naaman, Bilal Hikmat Rasheed, Berivan Tahir Ahmed, Akram Yousuf Salih, Saad Hasan Mustafa

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, Volume 13, Issue 4, Page 34-45
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcos/2022/v13i430320

With the advancement of technology, the telephone network has become the primary mode of communication worldwide, and private businesses have increased their reliance on telephone communication. Many organizations choose to establish their own service in order to manage internal calls. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the emerging technologies that may provide low-cost service with high-quality and availability. VOIP technology enables the transfer of multimedia data such as audio and video. While some VoIP services require a computer or a dedicated VoIP phone, others allow you to make VoIP calls using your landline phone via a special adaptor. Rather than using a traditional private branch exchange (PBX), we used a Raspberry pi, which is a set of credit card-sized single-board computers, as a server for handling voice and video call communications over a wired or wireless LAN network while monitoring the entire system. Wireshark is a software application that is used to capture packets in a network and present information about certain packets in as much detail as possible.

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Study on the Prognostication of Crop Diseases using Artificial Intelligence

B. Srujana Eleena, Meghana Mangipudi, K. Apoorva

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, Volume 13, Issue 4, Page 1-11
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcos/2022/v13i430318

It is universally accepted fact that crop diseases are one of the major threats in agriculture that ultimately result in drastic reduction of food supply. The present project study aims to use artificial intelligence in building a model which is integrated with a user-friendly web application. The web application is created using the Python-based Django framework. This user interface allows the user to choose a crop name and upload an image of a leaf wherein the trained model then begins the process of feature extraction on the image and tries to make an accurate prediction. The final result is displayed to the user confirming whether the crop may be “healthy” or the “diseased “and even the name of the disease that infects the plant will be displayed. The application also suggests a suitable treatment to combat the disease. Thus, the scope of this project study is very scalable as it can be easily be used by amateur gardeners as well as by farmers. The model itself can also be extended to include more plant types along with any new diseases which may arise due to factors like climate change, pest - resistance etc.

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Usability Evaluation of an Unpopular Restaurant Recommender Web Application Zomato

Hima Bindu Sadashiva Reddy, Roopesh Reddy Sadashiva Reddy, Ratnaditya Jonnalagadda, Pallavi Singh, Avinash Gogineni

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, Volume 13, Issue 4, Page 12-33
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcos/2022/v13i430319

Usability evaluation clarifies the user’s comfortability, satisfaction, and experience with a product. The success of the product is solely dependent on the usability factor. Web applications are excellent channels to communicate between the customers and the suppliers, for satisfying users' needs. Particularly usability evaluation of web applications plays an important role in observing the design, content, and navigation of a website. These observations help to improve the design of a web application. A proper design and content management of a web application acts as a gateway to attract more customers to use their application. Customer satisfaction would also help increase business for that particular company. The restaurant recommender web application acts as a medium for customers and restaurants. These applications help the food industry to attract customers. If the mode of communication is not effective, restaurants fail to promote their food business to the customers.  Previous research studies focused on business models, restaurant reviews, and offers provided by restaurant recommenders, instead of usability evaluation.  The goal of this research study is to test the efficiency and effectiveness of through usability evaluation. The importance of this research study is to help both Zomato and other applications to increase their popularity. The methodology used was both think aloud and observations. The results were satisfactory and informative. The average time taken for website navigation tasks was 20.5 minutes. 100% satisfaction with restaurant reviews. 33% satisfaction for restaurant search and location information. 33% were not willing to re-use the Zomato website. These results convey that user satisfaction plays a major role in users returning to a website. This could be one reason for less web usage traffic in Zomato, hence leading to unpopularity. Recommendations and future research were also discussed.

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The importance of Chatbots in marketing, particularly in employment or training progressions and maintenance for definite promotional goals, tools as well as approaches was examined in this study. The study seeks to ascertain the opportunities associated with the usage of chatbots in marketing, with specific emphasis on its influence in the process of Human-to-Machine communications, and find out the extent to which Chatbots could be effectively use to examine competitive companies or brands. The researcher explores how chatbot can interact with users using Facebook messenger and investigate the impact and usefulness of digital marketing communications tools on organizational profit maximization, using a real estate business. The study focuses on three sub-processes in the chatbot design, which includes writing handling, language acceptance, as well as reaction generation. Additionally, the survey was piloted with arrangement of chatbot assessment methods and their examination in relation to chatbot categories as well as three central appraisal schemes, which include content estimation, user gratification, and chat function. Findings of the study established that Chatbots could be effectively used to enable companies or brands intensify organizational profit maximization and proved that the limitations of the human agents have been taken over by this automatic Bot, which have been trained to act like human, give responses to customers’ requests and even suggest responses to users. It recommends that every organization marketing teams should acquire innovative communication approaches about how to preserve and advance enduring relations with standing consumers as well as how to get the attention of potential consumers.

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Online Support for Education, Medication, Agriculture and Relief Work at COVID-19 Pandemic Time

Kawsar Rahman, Md. Ashikur Rahman Khan, Ishtiaq Ahammad

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, Volume 13, Issue 4, Page 65-85
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcos/2022/v13i430322

The future of Bangladesh belongs to the younger generation. All of us have to do our bit to get them involved in improving the lives of the rural poor. If we do not do so, there will be serious social conflicts. Unless we can provide basic amenities so that the rural poor can live a meaningful life, we will never become a great nation. This is a great challenge for all youngsters and it is our work’s dream that they will take it up so as to make Bangladesh a better place to live and work. This work describes an organization named “Neuron Group” which contains four fields: Edu-Care (Neuron Educational Support Center), Medi-Care (Neuron Medical Support Center), Agri-Care (Neuron Agricultural Support Center) and Relief-Care (Neuron Relief Support Center). Students will have the opportunity to study with the most talented doctors and engineers of the country. The contribution of this work is to keep the students in their studies at pandemic time (covid-19 period) with the help of our website and social media such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Other contributions of this work are social awareness, to develop rural areas, create employment, help increase the income of poor people, raise awareness among poor people, bringing poor people into the mainstream of society, assistance in agriculture and financial assistance of poor and marginal farmers. In the district where the "Neuron Group will have a branch", a list of rational poor and destitute based on the wards of each Upazila of the district will be prepared and they will be given food aid from time to time.