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Mobile Sensor Networks: What Can Underground Electric Transport Vehicles do in Underground Mine Monitoring?

Chenxi Zhao, Haoxuan Yu

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, Volume 12, Issue 1, Page 1-6
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcos/2021/v12i130272

According to our previous work, we have found that the ZigBee WSN technology and sensors are actually suitable for the underground monitoring, but there are still many problems. So in this viewpoint paper, we showed our viewpoint that the underground driver-less electric transport vehicles could also play an important role in the underground monitoring, that is, underground electric transport vehicles running in the mine roadway could carry mobile sensors to monitor the environmental conditions in the transport roadway. If it could be realized, it will save the number of sensors installed around the mine so as to reduce costs. If it could be realized, the monitoring of underground mines will become more convenient.

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Campus Network and Systems Security Assessment Using Penetration Testing: The Case of the University of Education Winneba, Kumasi

Christian Adu-Boahene, Solomon Nii Nikoi, Alberta Nsiah-Konadu

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, Volume 12, Issue 1, Page 7-25
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcos/2021/v12i130273

Network intruders are becoming more sophisticated in their approach, resulting in many difficulties in preventing them. They exploit both well-configured systems and vulnerable systems.

Aims: To examines the performance of a campus network against attacks on the network systems.

Place and Duration of Study: University of Education, Winneba- Kumasi campus.

Methodology: Penetration testing was adopted to investigate the vulnerabilities that may occur in a university network.

This helps to test for vulnerabilities on the network system that may expose the system to exploits.

Results: The test revealed that system-based attacks might be propelled by malignant pariahs on the Internet and noxious insiders straightforwardly associated with inward systems. The perpetrators can exploit vulnerabilities in network foundations and frameworks, for example, servers (web servers, software servers, file and mail servers, etc.), routers, and firewalls. 

Conclusion: This work presents a way to deal with evaluating the security stance of a college utilizing penetration testing that meddles negligibly with the flow of traffic and activities on the network infrastructure. attack Insurance against network-based attacks is mind-boggling and, in the offer, to relieving one framework normally gives a stage that can be utilized to dispatch more attacks.

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The purpose of this article is to explore and improve the effect of Bipolar Junction Transistor amplifier base-emitter on temperature changes. The prelude starts with Shockley's theory and its formula calculation. Research motivation, literature data and book principles cooperate with MATLAB application software skills to develop programs; it is used to calculate the relationship between various component parameters and temperature changes. The artificial calculation steps are too cumbersome and prone to clerical errors. Therefore, the program approach has been developed with report-style calculation results with both text and pictures. The feature of computer program calculation is the ability to compare and analyze the results produced at different temperatures, rapidly and repeatedly. The lack of known Bipolar Junction Transistors is replaced by Field Effect Transistors that are not affected by temperature. If the Bipolar Junction Transistor is used as the basis for the design, temperature changes must be considered to ensure the design quality. The purpose of this article is to introduce that the process of calculation has made the shift from an artificial-based way to a computer-based one.

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The Role of Cloud Computing Fashionable the Strategic Growth of Business Enterprises in India

Richard Essah

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, Volume 12, Issue 1, Page 37-48
DOI: 10.9734/ajrcos/2021/v12i130275

In this 21st Century technology extent of time and worldwide integration, various narrow and medium enterprises exist adopting cloud calculate for their trade operations. Cloud calculate exist an increasing information in visible form Centre technology in accordance with the becoming more intense traffic connected to the internet fashionable the period of the Internet of Things (IoT). These electronics outwit the defect of conventional servers for speed, scalability and effectiveness. However, skilled exist still narrow enterprises that exist undecided of the appropriate of cloud computing time in military operation fashionable trade movement. Thus, this paper is inscribed to survey the views of person who is very involved in education and learning about the benefits of cloud computing rite of a fashionable trade movement that motivate bureaucracy to legally care for business enterprise. The aims of the study include to ascertain the benefits of cloud to small-scale enterprises in India, to determine the challenges facing cloud users and to unravel the strategies that can improve the strategic growth of cloud users in India enterprises.  The researcher used a case study design and a qualitative research approach. The place of the study is Chandigarh University of India and Busy Network company in India.

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Most multi-national organizations in Kenya are adopting an entire suite of enterprise resource planning Software and customize them to fit the business processes. Despite the continued review of the enterprise resource planning suite, the realization of a successful enterprise resource planning implementation for multi-national organizations is becoming difficult, owing to user involvement issues. This research, therefore, addressed this by assessing the effect of user involvement on enterprise resource planning implementation for multi-national organizations in Kenya. The study used a descriptive research design, where it obtained a sample size of 70 respondents and selected the respondents from 85 subjects using stratified proportionate sampling. The data for the study was gathered from primary sources using a questionnaire. Data was evaluated using quantitative analysis to provide descriptive statistics accompanied by inferential analysis to estimate the model. Guided by the study findings, it was concluded that; there is a positive and significant relationship between users’ functional requirements activities and enterprise resource planning implementation; users’ presentation requirement activities positively significantly influence enterprise resource planning implementation, users’ quality assurance activities has a significant moderate influence on its enterprise resource planning implementation, and users’ project management activities have a significant moderate influence on enterprise resource planning implementation. The study recommends that these organizations should; develop users’ functional requirements activities policy, review policies on business processes to accommodate different system implementation practices; review current quality assurance activities by consumers to satisfy the planned enterprise resource planning system demand of the provider, and acquire as well as retain the appropriate users’ project management.