Robustness and Reliability Testing in Healthcare Using Artificial Intelligence

Tushar Khinvasara *

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, USA.

Abhishek Shankar

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Founder Mybabybridge, Limerine Software Pvt Ltd, India. c Sage Hill School, USA.

Connor Wong

Sage Hill School, USA.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Testing the security, efficiency, and dependability of AI-driven healthcare systems is crucial. It is essential to perform thorough and rigorous testing to make sure the AI algorithms are capable. Our goal is to ensure that these algorithms can handle a wide range of scenarios that may occur in healthcare settings. We must observe, for instance, how well they function in the presence of changes in patient characteristics, data accuracy, and even environmental factors. Developers are able to go deeply and find any potential flaws, biases, or restrictions by thoroughly testing AI models. This enables them to enhance and maximize the algorithms' performance. Our goal is for these AI systems to be adaptable and strong, ready to overcome any challenges. Our goal is for these AI systems to be adaptable and robust, ready to overcome whatever challenges they encounter. Reliability testing is another crucial step in this process. Our goal is to guarantee that, over time, the AI predictions in actual medical contexts continue to be accurate and dependable. In the end, we rely on these systems to produce trustworthy outcomes that actually enhance patient care. Developers and healthcare institutions are not the only parties involved in this. Policymakers and regulatory bodies are also quite important. They put a lot of effort into developing standards and protocols for carrying out trustworthy and demanding AI testing in the medical field. Strict safety and efficacy standards are met by AI-driven healthcare solutions thanks to the requirements they set for testing procedures, data quality, and performance indicators. This article focuses on all the current robustness and reliability testing using AI in Healthcare.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), robustness, healthcare sector, medical devices

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Khinvasara, Tushar, Abhishek Shankar, and Connor Wong. 2024. “Robustness and Reliability Testing in Healthcare Using Artificial Intelligence”. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science 17 (7):103-18.


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