Enhancing Security Using GPS-GSM Motorcycle Tracking System

Arnold Mashud Abukari *

Department of Computer Science, Tamale Technical University, Ghana.

Alhassan Adams

Department of Computer Science, Tamale Technical University, Ghana.

Vijaya Kittu Manda

PBMEIT, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Iddrisu Ibrahim

Department of Computer Science, Tamale Technical University, Ghana.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Motorcycles are progressively becoming a well-known mode of transportation in Ghana, especially in the northern region. Their affordability and easy movement on our rough roads make them a choice many users prefer. Nonetheless, the increase in the number of these motorcycles brought some concerns connected with safety and security. To resolve these issues, the improvement of the security framework is fundamental. Real-time monitoring is part of the Internet of Things (IoT), which permits distance monitoring. Different tracking technologies such as RFID, Internet tracking, cellphone triangulation, GPS, and other technologies. This research work expects to plan a far-reaching motorcycle security and global positioning framework utilizing an Arduino microcontroller Uno r3, Neo-6mGPS, and GSM SIM800L modules. The GPS module obtains the location area while the GSM module works with interaction between the Arduino Uno and the client's cell phone, showing the area on Google Maps. The framework comprises a locking component and a global positioning framework. The motorcycle's ignition system is controlled by a locking mechanism that enhances protection against theft. Besides, the scarcity of these security systems and the existing motorcycle tracking systems are very costly to purchase and maintain. There is restricting openness for the overwhelming majority of bike users. This prompt is a high pace of bike theft, making recovery challenging. One of the project's goals are to decrease power utilization in the global positioning framework, upgrade GPS following precision, and use SMS as the essential means of communication. This research work adopted the Agile Methodology of designing applications. While this research work presents various benefits, it additionally has limits. These incorporate the expenses of equipment parts. Restricted accessibility of Arduino components in the Ghanaian market and time. Regardless of these restrictions, the exploration attempts to create powerful and open bike security in the Ghanaian market.

Keywords: GSM, GPS, arduino uno, Google Maps, tracking system

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Abukari, A. M., Adams, A., Manda, V. K., & Ibrahim, I. (2024). Enhancing Security Using GPS-GSM Motorcycle Tracking System. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 17(6), 58–73. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajrcos/2024/v17i6456


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