Extracting a Bounded Region from a Map Using Flood Fill Algorithm

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S. M. Abdullah Al Shuaeb
Md. Kamruzzaman
Mohammad Hazrat Ali


Extracting the needed portion from a bounded region is an important task in image processing. Editing a map and extracting a region from the map is challenging. It is useful in some contexts to have a region in a separate sheet. In this image processing, we have used the Flood Fill algorithm to extract a region from the image map. To achieve that goal, we had worked in our study to separate a bounded region on a map. Usually, a scanned map may contain a lot of useless information. So we have to process the image to remove useless information from the map. We had quantized the image to a binary one. In the second phase, we have applied a gray color to separate the desired position from a map. Our main objective of the study to extract a bounded region from mapping an image that contains useless information and removes it. We have experimented with several maps and it works successfully.

Image processing, map, extract, bounded region, flood-fill algorithm

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Shuaeb, S. M. A. A., Kamruzzaman, M., & Ali, M. H. (2021). Extracting a Bounded Region from a Map Using Flood Fill Algorithm. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 7(1), 14-20. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajrcos/2021/v7i130170
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