Using of the Application Programs for the Decision of Tasks on Physics

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A. K. Salkeeva
A. S. Kusenova
K. B. Kopbalina
G. B. Turebaeva
A. Y. Davydova


The article discusses the possibilities of using modern computer technologies, in particular, the Mathcad application program for visual representation of physical processes. This article shows methods for solving ordinary differential equations in the Mathcad package based on numerical methods. As an example of a nonlinear process, the Cauchy problem for a second order ordinary differential equation is solved using the Mathcad odesolve function, which is a complication of the linear oscillator equation, and a graph is obtained. It also talks about the advantages of using the Mathcad application program for solving problems in physics, which allows you to not only make the necessary calculations, but also to arrange your work using graphs, drawings, tables and mathematical formulas. Based on the results of these modeling works, the user gets the system model ready and can only set the initial conditions and control all the parameters of the model during the numerical experiment. In this regard, this program provides an opportunity to expand the teaching activities of the teacher and increase the independence and activity of students.

Physical processes, Mathcad, modeling, physical models, Runge-Kutta method, complex systems, solutions of ordinary differential equations, learning process, examples of problem solving.

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Salkeeva, A. K., Kusenova, A. S., Kopbalina, K. B., Turebaeva, G. B., & Davydova, A. Y. (2020). Using of the Application Programs for the Decision of Tasks on Physics. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 6(3), 27-35.
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