Rural Development of Pakistan with IoT

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Muhammad Usman Shafique
Wajid Ali
Muhammad Salman


The study acknowledged the Internet of Things (IoT) as it relates to the increasement of agriculture and rural productivity. It’s importance in the area of the irrigation/fertilizer application, weather forecast, internet banking, tracking of farm produce, pests, disease handling, and control were seen. However, Pakistani agriculture has not indicated such realignment and transformation due to some challenges. Rural cities of Pakistan face several identical issues in the domains of agriculture, connectedness, health, transport, water, and education, and many more that can play a necessary part in the development of rural areas, which claims for potentially comparable solutions to be applied towards solving these issues. The purpose of this research is to check out the potential contributions of the IoT technologies towards poverty minimization in these rural areas, in order with the requirements are seen in these societies and with the concern on agriculture. The paper classifies the usage of IoT technology can easily reduce the agricultural needs of these communities or also improve their lifestyle for the domains of crop farming, weather forecasting, rural financing, livestock farming, growth management, market identification, and forest ranging. Accordingly, some recommendations were carried out to oppose these barriers and move Pakistan agriculture to an excellent status of world-class standards.

IoT, rural development, agricultural development in Pakistan, poverty reduce with IoT.

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Shafique, M. U., Ali, W., & Salman, M. (2019). Rural Development of Pakistan with IoT. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 3(4), 1-9.
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