The First Integrals of a Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation and Application

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Yanxia Hu
Xiaofei Du


The first integrals of second order ordinary differential equations are considered. The necessary conditions of the existence of analytical first integrals for the equation are presented. Then, the first integrals of the equation are obtained using Lie symmetry method. The results of the first integrals are applied to certain classes of partial differential equations, the conditions of nonexistence of the traveling wave solutions of the partial differential equations are obtained, and traveling wave solutions of the equations under the certain parametric conditions are also obtained.

First integral, lie symmetry, traveling wave solutions, partial differential equations.

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Hu, Y., & Du, X. (2019). The First Integrals of a Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation and Application. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 3(3), 1-15.
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