Securing Computer Based Testing (CBT) System for Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

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O. Sarjiyus


This research, securing computer based testing (CBT), systems for tertiary institutions provides an improved means for protecting examination question against unauthorized access. The research focuses on developing an independent and secure computer base testing system with an improved level of integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of exam questions. The methodology employed for the research design include studying writing materials on security aspect of CBT such articles and lecture notes as well as physically inspecting how the CBT system works with a view to finding leakages and vulnerabilities. Modeling tools such as UML use cases, Flowchart and entity relationship (E-R) diagrams were used to model the design. The overall design was implemented using HTML, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript platforms in order to actualize the objectives of the design. The system was tested locally using WAMP and found to be effective in reducing the problem of authenticity (especially with the Fingerprint Mechanism embedded) confidentiality and integrity of exam questions.

Vulnerabilities, unauthorized, fingerprint, secure

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Sarjiyus, O. (2019). Securing Computer Based Testing (CBT) System for Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 3(3), 1-16.
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