The Bitwise Operations in Relation to the Concept of Set

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Krasimir Yordzhev


We contemplate this article to help the teachers of programming in his aspiration for giving some appropriate and interesting examples. The work will be especially useful for students-future programmers, and for their lecturers.

Some of the strong sides of these programming languages C/C++ and Java are the possibilities of low-level programming. Some of the means for this possibility are the introduced standard bitwise operations, with the help of which, it is possible directly operate with every bit of an arbitrary variable situated in the computer’s memory.

In the current study, we are going to describe some methodical aspects for work with the bitwise operations and we will discuss the benefit of using bitwise operations in programming. The article shows some advantages of using bitwise operations, realising various operations with sets.


Bitwise operation, set, integer representation of sets, class, overloading of operators

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Yordzhev, K. (2018). The Bitwise Operations in Relation to the Concept of Set. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 1(4), 1-8.
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