Against the Tell Friend Email Security Vulnerability

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Ali Hameed Yassir


Today an E-mail service is one principal tool in our daily work and life. We cannot dispense Email services. Spammers continue to develop their techniques to flood our inbox daily. On the other hand, websites are created to be in different types of different goals like news, sports, environments, staticialists, governments, etc. Websites may be in its environments, static sites, programs, or databases, and very often a combination of the three integrating relational databases as a back-end. Websites require intensive care in configuration and programming to assure a security factor, confidentiality, and trustworthiness of the published information. Most websites have many scripts that give visitors elastic options to share some subject's links URL with their friends one of that by using a tell a friend form. One of most well-known attacks over the internet is done by SQL-injection, though SQL-injections back to exploits, weak validation of textual input that is used to build tell friend scripts which cause dangerous attacks threat email user's privacy through cheating attacks. In this paper, the author aims to analyse a tell friend exploit and proposes a solution to stop this exploit.

Category: Information Security.


Email security, tell friend exploit, information security, SQL-injections

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Hameed Yassir, A. (2018). Against the Tell Friend Email Security Vulnerability. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 1(3), 1-5.
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