Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic Implementation in Image Fusion Technique

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Ashit Kumar Dutta


Image fusion (IF) is integrating more than one image into a single image. It accepts multiple images as input and produces a single image as an output. Image w needs an image with high spectral and spatial information. It has wide varieties of application in medical diagnostics and treatment. It is more reliable and compact, easily combined with other methods. Different methods were proposed for remote sensing image and medical image fusion. The aim of the proposed technique is to present an image fusion technique using Intutionistic fuzzy logic (IFL).Mis – registration is the major issue of IF and the research work found solution for the problem. Image features were filtered and integrated with IFL and compute pixels. The proposed method produced better results compared to the existing methods.


Image fusion, intuitionistic fuzzy logic, wavelet transform, medical imaging sensor

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Kumar Dutta, A. (2018). Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic Implementation in Image Fusion Technique. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 1(1), 1-7.
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